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I have seen The Winter Soldier and I still ship Stony



We’re still here.




Someone who stands their ground no matter what.

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I watched Captain America 2 today. It’s really great and……

…….CAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!! OMG CAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!


**running back to the superhusbands ship**

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new avatar. :)

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REBLOG if you still love ROTG in 2014


I did it last year and I’ll continue to do it every year until I see a Rise of the Guardians 2.

So if you still believe in the Guardians after a year, y’know where that reblog button is peoples.

~LMS (2014)

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I feel like nobody on Tumblr cares about what happened in Taiwan because we are a small, small country.

Even though I’ve been acting chilled and keeping on my blogging stuffs, I still feel a little bit sad and worried that everyone on Tumblr only knows things happening in big countries. I’ve talked about this on my blog only a few times but nobody really pays attention to what I said. Maybe because I don’t have enough followers, maybe because media doesn’t have enough reports about this thing, maybe because nobody has died in this event so people don’t consider it serious. 

You guys probably think governments which are being harsh to their people are scary, but recently I realized governments which ignore their people are scary too. My country, Taiwan, is trying to pass a Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement with Mainland China. The problem is not about this agreement, the problem is that our people have no idea how this agreement work, who is in charge with this agreement and how many professional estimation has been done before the agreement gets signed. We are afraid, because if this agreement has some problems, our economy might collapse and thousands people might lose their jobs and their families. This agreement is too sloppy to be signed. Our people tried to express our worry but the government didn’t give a shit.

So on March 17th, hundreds of college students broke into the Legislature and occupied the building. It has been 6 days since those students are inside the building. They have no resources and everything is in bad condition. The building is surrounded by bunches of police officers. Even though the government promised they wouldn’t attack those students, we have no idea what would happen if those students keep on occupying the building. The leader of the students, Lin and Chen, declare that their purpose is to fight for everyone’s right in a peaceful way. They want the government to accept their 2 simple requests: disapprove the agreement and make a new law making sure the agreement would be deliberated in a reasonable procedure. But after 6 days, the government still doesn’t pay attention to them and resist all their requests. Our president, Mr. Ma, also refuses to meet the students leaders to listen to their demands. Students inside and outside the Legislature have been irritated by the government’s attitude. The situation has gone wild and there are even some violence stuffs happened despite how hard the leaders are trying to handle all over 30 thousands angry students.

I just want more people to know about this. My government doesn’t listen to their people’s voice. We are angry and hopeless. Most of these people are under 25, they are just a group of college students who don’t want to watch their own country being treated unfairly. They have no bids to fight with our government. They have been constantly fighting for 6 days. Their parents can’t even go into the building to meet their beloved children. They are exhausted and frustrated but they still don’t want to give up. You think college students only know partying and skipping classes? No. These young adults are fighting for their won country like real warriors. I don’t understand why nobody cares about their actions. They are brave and strong and they are probably just in your age. They need more attention. Even though you probably can’t do anything for them, but your attention might help them keep going on. And your attention might help them to make our government fear. Government needs to be feared by their people.

PLEASE READ THIS AND REBLOG. Things have been out of control last night. Students and people got beaten up by police. I couldn’t stop crying when I watched the news. There were bloods everywhere and the police were even trying to get the media away so they wouldn’t get to record the violence scene…we really need attention. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! These students are still young and innocent. They just want to protest for the future of the country but they probably not gonna even meet their families anymore. We’ve got enough coldness from our government. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE US.

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Police Move in on Taiwan Protest Over China Pact

When I saw the video clip, I almost cry.
Pray for Taiwan.

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blackice short comic in progress. test again!!

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liiiiiiing replied to your link:sayatsugu
uuggghhh i’m at woooooork

i deleted it because i don’t know how to use it. LOLOL

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Anonymous asked: Pretty sure that wasn't official Dreamworks. That was just a fancomic made by someone who worked on the film. Rufftoon, the artist, has made many pitch comics, that was just one of them. And the artist does not ship anyone in particular.

It’s really cute that you thought I actually think someone drew the comic ships blackice.

I thought it’s okay to said silly things on tumblr like the ones I said in the tags when I reblog some gifs on my main blog. Like “OMG they really put a lot of things in BunnyFrost.” or like “you two just get married please”.

I DON’T think dreamworks ships blackice or bunnyfrost, nor do I think that anybody should get married for real (for example like Jim and Spock or Reese and Finch). That was a silly talk like everything had been said on my tags. If it will confuse someone then I’ll stop doing it or probably just type them in my native language Chinese from now on.

As for the “fancomic” part, I originally saw the other series of comics from Plurk and it was said that it is official because it’s posted on the Dreamworks’ Tumblr account.

I think it’s probably like the official comics of Star Trek AOS, you can’t said that’s not official but it’s not canon, because only the movie part was canon (I forgot who said that, probably the director). 

I’m not gonna lie. But I think it is quite confusing because they serialize them like this or this and they had the dreamworks copyright mark on the first page. Well maybe they’re official but just not canon.

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